Lauren Mary Kim has always had a passion for the arts. Her first love was dance which she has been doing ever since she can remember. Since living in Los Angeles she has developed new passions for acting, martial arts, gymnastics, aerial arts, yoga, art, and the list goes on.

Born and raised in Stockton, California her parents guided her into the world of entertainment; performing in dance recitals, plays, and competitions. After high school she moved to Sacramento, California to attend California State University, Sacramento. She had the opportunity to perform with several dance companies and the NBA Sacramento Kings as a Royal Court Dancer. The year after, she danced for the NBA Golden State Warriors. Lauren was ready to move to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams further.

The first week living in Los Angeles she auditioned for the Los Angeles Laker girl's and booked her first job in the big city. After a couple of years pursuing the dance industry Lauren decided to try new avenues of the entertainment business. She started training in gymnastics and martial arts and pursued the stunt business.

From there she has learned several skills as a stuntwoman. Exciting skills such as fire burns, wire work, air rams, martial art tricking, fight choreography, motorcycles and dirt biking, and aerial arts. Lauren has had the opportunity to stunt doubled some of Hollywood's leading ladies in blockbuster hits. She also developed a love for acting and also works as an actress. Some of her favorite gigs are stunt acting roles. Stay up to date with Lauren and her blossoming career on Twitter @laurenmarykim.